Monami Plus Pen 3000(fiber tip pen)


Product Name: Plus Pen 3000 (fiber tip pen)

Age of use: over 36 months



1.Do not use for any other purpose

2.Do not use for skin makeup

3.Don’t put it in your mouth

4.Wash your hands after use

5.When using the product by children, the attention of parents is required

6.Children under 3 years old are not allowed to use

7.Due to the nature of the ink, it may be difficult to use when stored for a long time

8.Swallowing cap can cause suffocation

9.If the lid is not closed, the ink may dry out or become contaminated. 10.Be careful not to puncture the end of the case and nib


Plus pen 3000 arts

Additional information


24 colour, 36 colour, 48 colour, 60 colour


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